Disciplined - Walk Like Jesus Walked

A Powerful Resource for Developing Disciplines that Fuel Unparalleled Growth in the Five Core Aspects of a Believer's life. Join now!

Zonen en Dochters Van God

Obtain your physical copy of the Dutch version of "Sons & Daughters of God" called "Zonen and Dochters van God" now!

Open The Eyes of Your Heart

Discover these two ebooks that illuminate the depths of your heart's vision and explore your divine purpose, available for free!

The Love Encounters Workshop

Experience transformative encounters with God's love and uncover obstacles hindering your spiritual growth in the Love Encounters Workshop.

Live in Your Destiny


Unlock your path to living in God's purpose with the Destiny Workshop, where you'll gain insights and practical tools to align your life with His divine plan.

Enter In God's Rest + The 5 Loves We All Crave

Explore profound insights into the five loves we all yearn for and discover the path to entering God's rest with our dynamic duo of ebooks and included audio.

King Over Warfare

Delve into this essential guide to understand warfare's intricacies and learn effective strategies for victory in your life's battles.

Freedom From Fear

Embark on a journey to overcome fear with our workshop, gaining insights into its workings and learning effective strategies for liberation.

Overcoming Depression

Ready to conquer depression with God? Gain the tools to navigate through its challenges towards lasting triumph.

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