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Live In Your Destiny

About The Founder

Right after Julian finished his bachelors in Theology he started a fulltime ministry, because of his passion for the lost and the body of Christ.

He has traveled across the world to equip the body of Christ and to reach people with the Gospel.

After seeing so many Christians fighting with depression, confusion, fear, lies, sickness and many other things he went on a search to understand how we believers can start living above this.

During this journey Jesus, through a process of many years, revealed important keys to help the Sons and Daughters of God to be revealed.

Based upon this journey he wrote an extensive manual about how we can walk like Jesus in Prayer, Freedom, Love, Destin and Power.

After the successful publication of this book, God gave him a dream to build a platform for believers to help them walk in their God-given purpose and calling.

This became Live in Your destiny, which by now has helped over a thousand believers in their walk with God.



Intercessor, Raising Prophet,

Mother and Coach


Live In Your Destiny

About The Founder

Debbie came into contact with Jesus at an early age. As a child, she loved to pray and learn about Him.

As a teenager, she also came into contact with the power and voice of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit. As a young adult, she encountered much of God and His kingdom through the power of prayer, deliverance, worship, and revival; and especially the creative power, action and presence of God. She also attended a Disciple Training School and participated in various missionary programs and training.

In recent years she has learned a lot about God's power in processing and releasing unresolved experiences from the past.

In her daily life, Debbie works as a mother, coach, entrepreneur, and co-initiator in Live in Your Destiny. And she is part of the Raising Prophets at the Global Prophetic Alliance in Scotland, where intercession and prophecy - pursuing God's heart voice and Kingdom - is her great passion.

Together with Juriaan, she is enthusiastic to see God's heart at work for the world and the church, and to partner with God and the people God brings into her path.

She and Juriaan are also very fond of their 3 children. They currently live in Ede together with their 2 cats.

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