This has helped me to continue to nurture and grow my self-love, through deep encounters with God's Love!!! May God bless you, your family, and your ministry in abundance! 

Mary Dinger 

Sowing Seeds for GOD Ministries

Unlock The Biblical Secret To

  • Get a deeper intimacy with the Father Son And Holy Spirit

    Our heart yearns for this deeper intimate fellowship with God, but for some reason this doesn't always seem accessible. Learn in this training why this is so.

  • Overcome depression, fear and loneliness

    Fear, depression, loneliness and all these things are rooted in not feeling connected with the source of life. The insights shared will help you understand how anyone can overcome this.

  • Walk in the fullness of His glory

    There's a big secret hidden in Paul's writings that unlocks the realms of God's glory in our lives. Once you understand this, a whole new world opens up to you.

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Those Who Went Before You

And found the key to intimacy, freedom and glory revealed in the word of God


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What Others Say...

What an amazing privilege to know Julian. The Spirit of God touched me, not only through his words but through his whole personality. I honor him as someone with much wisdom and great sensitivity and love for others.

Dr. Harry E. Coffman

Theologian, Speaker and Author - Living Water Ministries

When you go through this class you'll come across things you've never thought about and that will stretch you. Julian is extremely honest and with what he'll teach you, you'll not only gain more knowledge... You Will be changed!

Matthew Helland

Pastor, Speaker and Author - Ruach School of Ministry

Julian has the ability to bring people close to God, because he himself lives near to Him. The keys that Julian hands out are tested and proven by himself and will help you to live more and more like Jesus.


Jolande Bijl

Speaker and Author

I am amazed at the depth of wisdom that is been shared in this class even in the area of psychology.  It makes my life with God deeper, richer and more delightful!

Lisa Taylor 

Foster Care Worker

This class completely shifted my perspective on prayer. It's a scary thought that although I've been in many churches, I never in my life have come to know these life-changing truths...

Janet Garcia

Director Alive Ministries

This class gives you access to deep spiritual truths in clear, uninhibited language. The effect is true transformation!


Ruben Miller

Pastor, speaker and author

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