• Get God's Love From Your Head To Your Heart

    Many believers struggle, with knowing in their head that God loves them, but still not experiencing His Love. In this workshop you'll understand why this is so, and how you can allow His love into your heart.

  • Discover the Three Steps to Encounter God’s Love Every Single Day

    During this workshop, you'll learn the three steps that will help you encounter God's love. When you know these steps, you can use them, to encounter God's love every single day.

  • Never have a dry prayer season in your life again

    Say goodbye to ups and downs in your prayer life. Once you understand and apply these keys to your life, you will always be able to step into the river of God's life. 

  • And Much More...

 Some Of The Inspiring Stories 

From Those Who Followed This Workshop


What an amazing privilege to know Julian. The Spirit of God touched me, not only through his words but through his whole personality. I honor him as someone with much wisdom and great sensitivity and love for others.

Dr. Harry E. Coffman

Theologian, Speaker and Author - Living Water Ministries

This workshop gives you access to deep spiritual truths in clear, uninhibited language. The effect is having a practical roadmap for nothing less than transformation!


Carolyn Jones

Director European English Aglow


Speaker, Author,Theologian and Coach


Founder & CEO 

Live In Your Destiny

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Will these steps shown in the workshop work for everyone?

What is the minimum time requirement to successfully follow this workshop. 

Is there a way I can ask questions and get extra support during the workshop?

Is there a chance that I already know what will be taught?

Learn How You Can Have Daily Encounters Gods Love!

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